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Castlevania 3 Dracula Curse Final Battles and Trevor and Grant Ending

Air Date: December 31, 2018

In this video I begin the final stage in Castlevania 3 Dracula curse for the Nintendo entertainment system console. After entering my username and passcode, I proceed to complete the final stage of the game and arrive at Dracula with Grant, who I almost never use for several reasons.

The quickest way to arrive at Dracula and collect Grant from the first stage is as follows. After completing the first stage choose the upper path to go to the clock tower. Once you get grant from the top, you will need to climb your way back down to the begging of the stage and then ushered onto the next stage. You will arrive at the fork between the marsh area and the upper route with the silhoutees, same area where you can get sypha. Take the upper route but refuse sypha when she offers to join you. From here you will take the ghost ship and have a linear path through the rest of the stages arriving at Dracula.

I like to keep the axe when you get it near the end of the stage, so watch out for the second to the last candle before Dracula, because that contains a dagger. I like to take advantage of the respawning candles trick to stock up on hearts for my sub weapon. As seen in the video I will climb up and down the staircase before Dracula and recollect hearts until I am around 50 or so. If you use your axe sub weapon to collect a couple of these you will eventually get a double shot. I like to collect until I get this as well. Since Grant’s Character doesn’t have the best reach, I go Trevor all the way in the final battles.

When you engage Dracula, I found that the best way to deal with the flame pillars is to move around a lot so he trouble pinning you into a single block. This will cause the pillars to be positioned further apart and allow you time to move out of the way of the third large pillar. Normally you have enough time to strike his head two times before the arrival of the third pillar which can be dodged by moving to the right or left. Strike Dracula in the head twice and then get ready to dodge the pillar, rinse and repeat.

The second form involves five faces of Dracula sharing the same body. They like to float around the room and spit liquid down at your character if you get underneath of them. At this point I whip like crazy when the head is near the ground but start tossing axes like crazy when it is floating in the air. The trick is to kills off the faces which are closest to you first so they will not vomit on you when the floating heads get close to the edge of the screen.

The final form looks like a huge dinosaur and the weak point would be his head. At this point I tend to switch to a defensive attack posture, staying at the lower left side of the screen. I like to wait at the end of the third block and launch a counterattack after dodging each of his beam attacks. He likes to summons elevating blocks from the floor tiles and you will be safe as long as you don’t venture more than three tiles from the left hand side. If you wait on the ground and move to the left after he shoots you will be able to avoid his beams easily, even if you only have three tiles to work with. With Trevor I will dodge a beam and then quickly jump, when the platforms are not nearby, and toss an axe at his face. I choose my shots with this final form. Generally I will not attack and concentrating on dodging when I only have three spaces to work with on the left side of the screen.

After defeating Dracula, I let the ending and the credits play through.