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Metroid No Death Long Play - Best Ending under an hour

Air Date: November 8, 2016

In this play through I complete Metroid in under an hour on the original Nintendo (NES) Cartridge without dying. After completing the game I get the best ending where Samus sheds her space suit to reveal the two part bikini. Thanks to the additional 75 missles you get for defeating each of the minibosses, all you really need is a single until of five missiles to get you started. I complete the game with a maximum stock of 155 missiles which is more than enough to finish Tourian at the end.

The video pretty much outlines my strategy but here it is in simplified form for those who are curious. You need to get the maru mari ball and then go after your first unit of five missiles. I like to get after the missiles located on your way to Norfair in the yellow part of Brinstar. Then I back track to get the long beam, my first energy tank, bombs, and ice beam before heading off to Norfair. Passing through Norfair I obtained the high jump and a screw attack, back tracking slightly to go to Ridleys hideout. In there I nab a secondary energy tank and then head straight to Ridley.

Ridley can either be difficult or easy depending on if he tosses his fire balls high or low. If the balls are high then you can stand right at the edge of the lower platform, right at his feet and fire away when he lands from jumping. The fireballs will go right over your head. If you happen to get the low ball variety you will need to retreat to the door and freeze all five fireballs first. Then you will be able to jump over those and attack Ridley until they eventually thaw. Then all you need to do is repeat this procedure.

After Ridley’s defeat get the third energy tank located just beyond his room to the left. Now backtrack all the way back to yellow Brinstar to get the Varia Suit. Next I went to Kraid’s Hideout getting my fourth energy tank from the second blocked door on the right side, where you need to use missiles to enter. From here we backtrack slightly and then make a bee line straight for Kraid, defeating him by bombing him to death in ball form. After he dies, I got the fifth energy tank from his room, located under the door in the right sand pit and backtracked all the way out of the hideout.

The next stop is finally Tourian and, on our way there, we can claim a sixth and final energy tank from the ceiling located in the blue Brinstar area. You can find this to the left of the impassable wall where you have to use the maru mari ball form to get underneath to proceed. You will need to roll into a ball and go to the right a little to respawn the nearby bat on the left side. Then you will need to freeze him as he falls to use him as a stepping stone to leap into the energy tank in the ceiling, after uncovering it by firing at its location. From here it is just a one way trip through Tourian to defeat the mother brain and escape the time bomb blast.

At the end you get to see Samus in a two part bathing suit after beating the game in under an hour.