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Festerís Quest - No Death Run - Long Play / Walk Through

Air Date: August 15, 2017

During this long play I complete Fester’s quest from the begging to the end without losing a life. While this game was always notorious for being difficult back in the day, I becomes a walk in the park once you learn the patterns of the boss aliens which have a firearm. In this case running between the bullet burst and then casually countering is the key to victory and get you further than an all-out assault with invisible potions. On the same token, bosses with a lower amount of hit points and no armor can be quickly pummeled with invisibility and a high powered weapon to save time. You will see both tactics in this video. I will also show where the two hidden health upgrades and the hidden path to the Adams family mansion is located as well.

I take the time in the beginning of the game to get my gun powered up by abusing the purple colored blobs on the streets. This is necessary to drill through the tight sewer levels and also causally gain a healthy collection of money, light bulbs, and keys for use during the quest.

Once I feel I have enough from the initial grid I begin to progress through the many building and paths. Although all of the secrets can be seen in the video, I felt as if I would outline some things and some useful tactics.

First of all, the health upgrades are located in the first building that you come to. Once inside you need to navigate up the hallway taking the first left. Then go further up the hallway and take the first left again. From here follow the short path to the dead-end and then touch the wall. The second health upgrade is located by visiting the Adam’s family mansion. It will be the one building that has no visible way to get to and you will need to find a hidden path through the bushes, located to the upper left of the building.

Boss battles come in three flavors during this play through. Since you get the invisible potions relatively early in the game, the first two bosses are simple. Go into the battle and use an invisibility potion and then just pelt away at the boss with your fully powered gun. They will go down fairly quickly without having to spend much time on learning patterns.

The third boss has a shield and likes to pause to shoot bolts from his sword. The best way to deal with him is to stay at the bottom of the screen and continuously walk back and forth, firing missiles in volleys. The trick with missiles is to allow all of the missiles to hit or vanish from the screen, allowing multiple hits, before you launch another volley. The boss will pause on occasion to fire his sword but he will be too slow to hit you if you are moving.

The fourth and fifth bosses share the same tactic but the timing is slightly different. For the fourth boss you will want to meander to the left and right, slowing down as he fires his gun so you can stay between the middle and outer bullets. After he fires his gun launch missiles to counter. The fifth boss follows the same pattern although you seem to avoid the bullets if you meander at a higher speed. In the case that you run out of missiles, it is best to use an invisible potion and push the boss to the top of the screen and pelt away with the fully powered whip to take away the remaining hit points.
The final level is the UFO. The video shows the correct path through the mayhem and you will notice I have the nooses always selected. I figure that I have 20 of these things and now would be the best time to use them to make my trip a little quicker. The final boss has a glitch that you can easily find while you are still invincible at the beginning of the battle. From there you can take out the core with missiles at your leisure. Once the final boss falls I let the short ending play.

I let the ending play through at the end after Jaws floats to the bottom of the Ocean. At a later date I might see if I can get a high score or max out my power.