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The Guardian Legend Completionist Run (Final Corridor and First Ending)

Air Date: April 17, 2015

In this run, after entering the 32 digit password, I show the final level up and showcase a completionist run of guardian legend. Everything gathered here is all that is possible during a normal game, which differs from the corridor rush mode (password TGL) which I might tackle next. I have gathered all of the weapon power ups which gets you all level 3 secondary weapons that have a purple color. The one exception is the enemy erasers which cannot be powered up. I have 255 of those in stock which is the numerical maximum amount that you can carry. The chip maximum in the normal game is 4000 chips. Once I get the final level up from the score I have the maximum life of 30 hearts.

The life is obtained as follows:

8 hearts – staring value
9 Blue Landers that can be picked up in Naju

The rest is gained by score increases of: 30,000; 100,000; 500,000; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 million and a final increase at 9,999,990. This accounts for the other 13 health increases.

Note: the final level up i8s glitch and can freeze the game so it is best to save often as you get closer to the max score and try not to get too many point in one session.

Once I showcase the maxed sub screen I travel to the final corridor, number 21, and battle my way through the final onslaught of bosses, getting the final health power up in the process. Most of the bosses are pretty easy with your advanced weaponry and most I like to handle without a sub weapon to gain the full consecutive firing ability to fend off asteroids and deal with the boss. With your plain gun you are more than a match for the Blue Fleepa, ZibZub, Blue Clawbot(I like blowing his detached claw up for spite), and Red Optomom. I do switch to the hyper laser on the Blue Grimgrin enemy because he tends to go down a little easier with the extra help. I switch back to the standard gun to deal with the remaining Red Bombarder.

Once you escape into space from the 21st corridor, Naju self-destructs leaving you to fight through an asteroid belt and arriving at the final boss. There are many ways to deal with the final boss but I have always liked to sport the third level hyper laser in conjunction with my gun. I just part myself in front of the creator and hold down both buttons and simply follow him back and forth across the screen. You will occasionally get a power up from his projectiles and you may have to break formation to get the power up to keep your life and chip supply going. In a pinch you can use some enemy erasers but with your life powered up you shouldn't need to resort to that.

After you win you get the ending sequence with the maxed score and the TGL password for the corridor rush mode.