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Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island - Completionist Run - All Levels 100%

Air Date: March 25, 2016

In this video I showcase a completionist play through of super Mario world 2 on the super Nintendo game console. I let the prologue story play and then allow the island com into view. Once the title screen appears you will note that there are six stars floating to the right, signifying all six bonus levels were completed. From here I load the save file and tab through all of the world scores, allowing all of the 100 percent completion scores to be seen.

Once this has been completed I load the final level, bowsers castle. In this run I take the time to gather all of the red coins and flowers. I also avoid getting hit absorbing the ten bonus stars from each save point which nets me 30 stars by the last battle. In other words this would have been another 100 percent completion for the bowser castle level. Having played this level a bunch of times I have gotten pretty good at dealing with kamek’s dive bombing and magic barrage gauntlets. You will note that I take advantage of his cowardice in the final level, where you can make him vanish by invading his personal space or by firing eggs at him. The funny thing is that the space invasion tactic even works when you are underneath a platform where he spawns and can get him to flee by jumping up at him from below. When you have to be stationary you can bait his aim by jumping in the air. I like to let him aim at me once while stationary and then leap in the air so that the second will pass over me when I land back on the platform after clearing the first shot. I have to admit that by getting the fourth door I lucked out on this run and shaved off a couple additional minutes. My least favorite of these would be the first door with the rotating maces and lava pits.

During the final showdown with the giant bowser I did a decent job of dispatching him from a distance. Basically I use the different shades of the horizons setting sun to line up my distance shots. The middle to upper purple horizon area is where I aim to nail him when he is far away. If you aim slightly higher you can even land a blow while he summons his second volley of boulders, as shown in the video. During the final phase where he starts to rush you the targeting can be lowered to his jaw line to line up blows in the middle range. Once bowser is defeated the ending plays along with the credits and epilogue.