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7th Saga Solo Run with Valsu Saizer - Final Battle and Ending

Air Date: March 4, 2017

The fifth character on my seventh saga solo run list for the Super Nintendo was Valsu Saizer. Valsu was another of the odd ball characters because of how well he handled during the entire game, with a few exceptions where his defense became a factor. This weakness became apparent at the final battle with Gorsia and I had to level up a couple times from 46 so he could take a single physical attack without dying. This was the reason why 48 seemed to be the first level where he was able to stand against him but barely as seen in the final battle. After I load the game I go to the Barluca church to illustrate that I cannot use the heal spell because of my solo quest and the absence of a partner. I showcase my current level of 48 and character’s statistics before leaving town to begin my final journey.

Valsu’s single offensive spell, ice 1, would normally be an issue but I found it was adequate since it was the most economic choice with my solo Esuna character run. The only thing I missed from time to time was the vacuum 2 spell. His elixir spell more than made up for it near the end of the game though where I could literally have infinite magic and hit points, as long as I wasn’t killed by a single blow or a single round of combat. I also like how he comes with Defense 1, Agility, and Power magic which made the trip to the past, after your runes are destroyed, much easier.

As you can guess, Saro’s cave, a particular pain point, wasn’t really too bad for him, and he was able to make his way through but abusing elixir and utilizing his magic buffs. If I encountered a group of S Demons and Undeed, I would normally buff up my defense and agility and go for it with the ice spell. The bosses at the end were no exception to the rule since I basically had invincibility and rune like spells.

Upon arriving at Gorfun Castle, I basically ran through his castle utilizing doorways to reset enemies, as in the other runs. My journey was interrupted once by a battle with Fallocks, but it just slowed me down. I arrived at Gorsia at level 48, ready for a long haul of a fight.

In this run I was downright paranoid with my healing but for good reason. As seen during the fight a single physical attack took away 263 of my 264 hit points and that was after using a defense 1 spell to double my defense. Valsu’s defense against the magic spells weren’t much better. Basically I utilized elixir after every single turn where I took damage waiting for a turn where I could dodge or a spell that I was immune against, such as vacuum and petrify. I came prepared with an abundant supply of harps and mirrors for this one.

At the very beginning I started out the battle with defense 1 to aid me in taking physical damage and then struggled to cast an agility spell. After this I began the pecking order of Wizard and Light Runes to lower his defense to the stat altering runes. Since any of his attacks did extreme damage I decided to nerf his attack with the Moon Rune, decrease his magic with the Sky Rune and finally lower his agility with the Wind Rune.

The assault phase began with the use of the Water Rune to cut his hit points in half, Star Rune to reduce his defense, and a power spell to increase my attack. By this point he was out of magic, but I still had to be cautious since an attack could drain 160 hit points from me. Both his defending attack and magic were weak against Gorsia but with the elixir spell all I needed was time to take him down. The last part of chipping away at his last 2000 hit points would ultimately take eight more minutes, but at least I was out of 1 hit death danger at this point. I finished the battle utilizing both ice magic and the defend / attack combinations. I was happy to see the same ending play through since I felt it was earned on this run.