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7th Saga Solo Run with Olvan Jaess - Final Battle and Ending

Air Date: August 25, 2016

This is the first of the solo runs I completed on my subsequent play-throughs on 7th Saga for the Super Nintendo. Granted things are harder for a single person party but I feel as if Olvan was one of the easier ones to perform a solo quest and I would recommend him to begin such runs. After I load the game I go to the church to illustrate that I cannot use the heal spell because of my solo quest and the absence of a partner. I also showcase my current level and character’s statistics.

Olvan, the Dwarf, can be used mainly as a physical fighter to blast his way through the game. About the only issues you need to watch out for would be his magical weakness when it comes to offensive spells. In these cases, you might have to consider grinding a couple levels since his low agility pretty much guarantees he won’t be dodging many blows. He has access to the best armor and weapons in the game provided you have enough money to get those. To help a little with the finances, he can get the secret password for the hidden cave southwest of Padal, where he can get several jewels to sell. In general, his raw power should allow you to plow through most of the game.

Some of the tight spots I got into were the Cave of Saro and the Final Castle. The Cave of Saro is unique because of the S Demons and Undeed. These types of enemies normally arrive in large groups to attack you and have some heavy spells and attacks at their disposal. Perhaps the most annoying part is that they like to spam revive to bring back an ally that you spent a couple rounds defeating. The final castle is not too bad once I decided to quickly run through it and not fight everything I could. I have learned that you could get through the entire castle with only one fight or even none at times. The trick is to utilize the doorways to reset the random enemy encounters if they start to close in on you. You can duck inside a door and then come back out, refreshing the enemies, and allowing you proceed further without any encounters.

The final Battle with Gorsia plays out in much the same way it did on my initial playthrough, however the rune usage order changes slightly to accommodate the single fighter I am trying to keep alive. After using a Protect 1, I start with the Wizard and Light Runes as usual to lower his barriers and resistance to the other runes. Next I choose to lower his attack with the Moon Rune and then follow up with the Sky Rune to Reduce his Magic attacks. These are important since he hits really hard at the beginning of the battle and I find myself utilizing healing after each hit, waiting for him to miss to get an offensive action or rune against him. Next I choose to bring down his agility, hit points and defense with the Wind, Water, and Star Runes. Finally, I utilize a bottle of Power and Agility to begin my assault and healing routine. Since Olvan is so powerful I can get away by immediately attacking him without defending first.

Gorsia falls pretty quickly and I allow the ending to play through with the credits.