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7th Saga Solo Run with Lux Tizer - Final Battle and Ending

Air Date: April 8, 2017

The sixth character on my seventh saga solo run list for the Super Nintendo was Lux Tizer.

Lux would be one that started out as a tank but would soon show his magic and speed weaknesses. This ironically became apparent at the final battle with Gorsia where, in the same scenario as Valsu, I had to increase my level from 46 to 51 in order to survive one of his physical attacks. I thought having a defense well over 250 would be able to handle his physical attacks but I was wrong when he hit me for over 400 hit points on one of my earlier attempts. When I arrived at level 51 it seemed to do the trick as shown in the video. After I load the game I go to the Barluca church to illustrate that I cannot use the heal spell because of my solo quest and the absence of a partner. I showcase my current level of 50 and character’s statistics before leaving town to begin my final journey.

Lux was another character with picky equipment offering, although the upgrade obtained from the scientist at Melenam, in the past, was welcomed. Most of the time his power was amazing, provided he was able to hit higher agility foes. All of the extra cash, normally spent on equipment was stockpiled for restorative items.

Saro’s cave wasn’t really too bad but I cut straight to the chase of getting to Saro and defeating the two bosses before I ran out of potion 3 items. If I encountered a group of S Demons and Undeed, I would normally use a bottle of agility and power to make the battle as efficient as possible. The added agility allowed Lux to avoid enough blows to effectively kill off these annoyances, despite their affinity for reviving each other.

Upon arriving at Gorfun Castle, I basically ran through his castle utilizing doorways to reset enemies, as in the other runs. However, my path through the castle and avoiding enemies was not as successful during this run. After having to cough up a couple potion 3s on my initial random battle, I decided to run from the two other following battles or face the risk of draining too many resources before the final battle. I was finally able to arrive at Gorsia at level 51, gaining a level from my journey here.

Upon entering battle with Gorsia I first utilized a bottle of protection to reduce some of the physical damage. At beginning, the battle took on roughly the same form as my Valsu run where I healed after almost every one of Gorsia’s attacks waiting a free turn to get a bottle of agility in action. This break normally came in the form of a vacuum and petrify spell. I came prepared with an abundant supply of harps and mirrors so these spells could not harm me. After I had my agility and defense buffs in place, I began the pecking order of Wizard and Light Runes to lower his defense to the stat altering runes. Since any of his attacks did extreme damage I decided to nerf his attack with the Moon Rune, decrease his magic with the Sky Rune and finally lower his agility with the Wind Rune.

The assault phase began with the use of the Star Rune to reduce his defense, Water Rune to cut his hit points in half, and a bottle of power to increase my attack. By this point he was out of magic but I was also hurting too. Having exhausted the potion 3s, I was now dipping into my life recovery items. The good thing was the Lux’s high power stat allowed me to efficiently chip away at his remaining 2000 hit points before my restorative items ran out. I finished out the battle utilizing the defend / attack and attack combos. In a short amount of time Gorsia fell, allowing me to see the ending and credits again.