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7th Saga Solo Run with Kamil Dowonna - Final Battle and Ending

Air Date: May 17, 2017

The seventh and last character on my seventh saga solo run list for the Super Nintendo was Kamil Dowonna. Kamil was another who needed a little coaxing level wise near the end of the game and needed to be upped three levels to stand against Gorsia’s magic attacks. When I arrived at level 52 it seemed to do the trick as shown in the video. After I load the game I go to the Barluca church to illustrate that I cannot use the heal spell because of my solo quest and the absence of a partner. I showcase my current level of 52 and character’s statistics before leaving town to begin my final journey.

Kamil was average in everything which made him a real pain and his real short-coming latter in the game was that he could be taken apart by enemies with high agility or magic spells. Ironically, Saro’s cave wasn’t really too bad but I cut straight to the chase of getting to Saro and defeating the two bosses. If I encountered a group of S Demons and Undeed, I would normally use a bottle of agility and power to make the battle as efficient as possible. The added agility allowed Kamil to dodge just enough blows to effectively kill off these annoyances, despite their affinity for reviving each other.

Upon arriving at Gorfun Castle, I basically ran through his castle utilizing doorways to reset enemies, as in the other runs. With luck on my side I was able to make it through the castle itself with no random encounters. I was finally able to arrive at Gorsia at level 52 but even then the fight involves some degree of luck to avoid a stalemate. Basically at this level, you need to heal after every attack and even with a bottle of agility in play, Kamil refuses to dodge attacks until you are able to half Gorsia’s agility. This was knowledge obtained from other failed runs where he wouldn’t dodge even with the extra 30 points. For this reason, I don’t even take a precious turn to use a bottle of agility until after I have removed his insane speed.

Upon entering battle with Gorsia with Kamil at level 52 you need him to dodge, yeah right, or give you three free turns before he runs out of magic, resulting in the aforementioned stalemate. At the beginning of the battle your character gets one free turn. I first utilized a bottle of protection to reduce some of the physical damage in order to survive a blow. From this point on you will be healing every single round until Gorsia provides an opening, you will be looking for three of these before he runs out of magic. For Kamil this break comes in the form of a vacuum and petrify spell, which is averted by a mirror or harp automatically. As I struggled to stay alive, I managed to get three free turns. During these I utilized the wizard and Light Runes to make him visible and vulnerable. I breathed a sigh of relief when the third free turn came and I halved his attack with the moon rune. At this time, I had a foothold in the battle but his spells could take away most of my hit points. For this reason, I decided to still heal after every single round until he ran completely out of magic.

Once he ran out of magic and I could spare a turn I resumed the slightly altered pecking order for the runes. This turn I started with the Wind Rune to take down his agility before using the Sky rune since he was out of magic. I finished out the order with Sky, Star to cut down his defense, and Water to halve his hit points. At this point I went ahead and used a bottle of agility and power before beginning my offensive phase.

Gorsia was able to still dodge blows due to Kamil’s agility deficiencies but it wasn’t too awful. In between rounds of getting hit twice and then healing, I was able to land an attack here and there. In the rare change that Kamil was able to dodge the first attack after healing I had him defend before attacking for some added power. With his decent attacking power, the Gorsia fell despite most of my attacks being unassisted by defending. In due time Gorsia fell, allowing me to see the ending and credits again for the final time.

In retrospect, after seeing each character solo the game, I think I understand why I had such a difficult journey my first time playing the game with Kamil and Lux in my party. I should have gone with a party of Valsu or Esuna and Wilme or Lejes.