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Little Ninja Brothers Defeating King Gulp at Level 30 Hard Mode

Air Date: May 7, 2019

In this video I complete Little Ninja Brothers on hard mode at level 30. This was played on the original cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System NES console. This play through was a bit more challenging on hard mode. Although your attack is slightly reduced for RPG battles, attack equals your current level on hard mode, the main challenge is the enemy AI in the action battles.

The action battles will try to eat away at your resources during the final league of your journey so you must be selective about who you fight. You will notice during my dungeon trips I try to run from almost every battle only fighting when I must and the enemies are not going to be too resource intensive. I have eight Skate boards at my disposal but these must be used wisely since we have two dungeons and Mount Cone-rum to content with. I generally utilize skateboards namely for mandatory retreats from Dragons, four armed blue monsters, the flying urn type of enemies, and the Devillian respawn battles but ease up as I get closer to the final boss.

Getting to the final boss is just as challenging as the final battle since the final league of the journey is an all or nothing trip. You are required to travel from Chatzy, which is the closest last convenience store save spot; across the desert; through the fire castle; across another continent; and through a final labyrinth in order to even arrive at mount Cone-rum, the roasting spot of King Gulp.

Upon entering my password and resuming my game, I start out at Chatzy with the top equipment and all of the bells obtained. You will also note that I have 6 Miracle points, 8 T-stars that I utilize for quicker ninja enemies, and a full assortment of Boo-bombs. The boo-bombs will play an integral role in the final battle. Unfortunately neither Ling –Rang or Its twin city, Mei-Tong, have any convenience store to save at so you are stuck with a bit of a journey to the final boss. With everything in order I leave the town and call the Dragstar to make my journey a little shorter across the continent toward the fire palace. I have to call Leila to put out the flames. From there it is a mad rush through the Fire Castle to the next continent where I use my other battery to ride on the Dragstar again to arrive at the final two towns.

At the final two towns, I summon Moo-man to open the doorway to Mount Cone-rum in Mei-tong. This is another dungeon which spans some distance but we only have to find the exit located on the same floor you enter. Upon finding the exit we can begin the climb up mount cone rum towards King Gulp’s roosting spot. To make your way through Mount Cone-Rum dungeon head to the left and take the first door you come to. From there just keep taking the first door you see and you will arrive at the summit where the final boss awaits. Once at the summit I take a moment to max out my Hit points with sweet buns, showing my final arrival stats, and then entering the cave when I am ready.

King Gulp is a pain to deal with since he is extremely agile and has the nasty Whump attack which stuns your characters for a random amount of turns. I have read where some players resorted to beating this on an emulator with save states and most walkthroughs don’t seem to have a good method to defeat him. Here is my strategy for increases your odds for success on the regular NES game cartridge.

First call your partner, you will need the extra attacker to chip away at the 512 Hit points. On your next turn have Jack use a Boo bomb. Most of the time the bomb will stun King Gulp and he will remain that way for an extra turn. During this time he will not be able to dodge your blows. The first time he is stunned I like to use the miracle command so we have a chance at landing triple damage. After you get in your free turn, King Gulp will have a great chance at recovering so I have Jack with a Boo Bomb ready every other turn. Continue to use the boo bomb until he is stunned and use the following turn to have both attack. Then rinse and repeat. Of course you should have your meat bun ready in case your hit points drop below 75.During this try the final battle was close at level 30 since your success on landing those critical freezing boo bombs is difficult and I barely managed to pull it off. As your level climbs it seems your characters become more proficient at dodging and landing hits in the RPG battles. After he eventually dies, you will get the first part of the games ending and be transported off of mount cone-rum.

At this point the bridge will be back connecting the island to Yokan. Cross the bridge to go into the city and speak with the people to get the second portion of the ending.