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Fullmetal Alchemist The Broken Angel Final Battles of Initial Low Level Unique Accessory Run

Air Date: July 7, 2019

This is the first of a three video series where I go about collecting all of the accessories in the game. There might be a fourth video at some point if I manage to do a completionist run by getting the maximum of each item. The accessories can be obtained only once though. Most of the big boss battles will reward you with one of two possible one-time accessories depending on your current level. This means that you would need to go through the game at least twice to obtain all of the possible accessories. In the first play through, I decided to gather all of the low-level items along with the normal accessories obtained through the course of the game.

I start out at the save spot located at the top of the Hiessgart castle hub, tower of alchemists, with both characters at a comfortable level 18. From this final save spot, I hop onto the stationary platform traveling to the Castle Keep for the final boss battles.

For the three-chimera battle, I start out by transmuting a couple of cannons. In the low-level run, I choose to leave Edward equipped with the spear weapon and equip the tall boots, currently the only all-stat buff accessory I have. Now I go after the water or the flying chimera, depending on which one gets into my way the most. I hop on the transmuted cannon and wait until either get within close range before shooting them with the cannon ball. Once struck they will be stunned temporarily allowing Edward to deal several blows with his regular attacks. Once the water and flying threats are gone, I go after the combat chimera. At a low level, you will not be able to do much damage with the transmutable weapons or your attacks so you must bate him to spit seeds, that can be turned into bombs, and then force-feed these to back to him. I win the battle with a rank of B and get my Cloak.

The next battle will be with the ultimate chimera and Camilla. Both characters benefit from the 10% increase in all status areas, from a magic capsule each, because of their low level and the vicious attacks of the two bosses. The main goal is to take down Camilla to end the battle but the ultimate chimera will often get in the way. If the chimera gets in your way too often, you can get some temporary relief by killing it but Camilla will revive it in time. In this run, we are just concerned ending the fight and surviving. We need to locate and transmute the crossbow and get Alphonse to operate it. With a his current level each arrow hit will only do single digit damage but it will trap her in place, allowing you to close the distance with Edward and land some of your own stronger blows to chip away at her health. From her out, the strategy consists of keeping that crossbow loaded and going after her, once Alphonse connects with the arrows. I completed the battle with an A rank and walked away with the cologne which will be the last accessory we collect in this run.

Post battle we did not get the grindstone, but I suspected as much, and prefer to get it on the later high level runs for efficiency. Before collecting the feathers to continue the story line, I take the time showcase all of the collected accessories; each one you can get from a chest or from a low-level boss fight. I also show the current state of my growing items. This is where the progress officially ends.

In this run, I decide to throw the battle with Armstrong and Mustang, although I have been working on some strategies for taking them at the low level play through. After they defeat my party, I allow the ending to play through along with the epilogue. After all is said and done, I save my clear file in order to start the next play through as a new game plus, where I will get the high-level accessories from the boss fights in addition to defeating Mustang and Armstrong.