Matthew Visyak's Domain

Web Developer, Programmer, Artist, and Video Game Enthusiast

Being a Jack of all trades type of guy, you will find that my personal website reflects this duality between work and recreation. For those interested in my skillset I would direct you to the portfolio section. You will be able to see some of my current design work, projects, programming examples, and obtain a copy of my resume for further inquiry.

The other side of the coin is my recreation which is balanced within itself. I have been an avid lover of video games since I was young, beginning with the original Nintendo Entertainment System that Santa brought back in 1989. In those days my friends and I would challenge each other and have frequent debates on who has beaten the largest amount of games. I have retained the joy of hanging at a friend's house and showing off gaming skills with my YouTube channel. It is here that I upload accomplishments for the world's critique and discussion. As of late I have diving back into the retro gaming classics, but generally I am a console gamer who loves a good challenging game.

When I am not playing games I can be found working out at the local student recreation center to counter balance the sedentary video game habit or hanging out with family and friends. This allows me to keep on top of my fitness and avoid the negative impact of these activities.

Feel free to have a look around if you share any of these interests.

Video Game Feats

Fueling my on-going video game addition, I decided to record some of my challenges, as well as, the endings for several console based games. Below you will find the newest editions but older versions can be found in the archives.

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